... non-estrogen based drugs for years which followed 10 years of using estrogen. I have hot flashes but not night sweats and my doctor has tried a few drugs on me, none of which worked. My mom's doctor told us, and my own research confirmed, that Dixarit is an old drug that used to be used for High Blood Pressure. I tried them, yes I used my mom's, as she for the first time in decades had no night sweats after using them. Now, I can say I haven't had a single hot flash since I started taking them. I know I'm not supposed to use my mom's prescription drugs however, so I asked my family doctor about it.He didn't seem to be familiar with it and has now sent me for blood work to test my hormone levels. I'm 53 years of age. Why would my hormone levels be of any importance in determining why I should or should not be taking a non-hormone based drug?