Upon diagnosis, it was discovered she had CHF, possible COPD, diabetes, acute renal failure, sepsis from ecoli and gout. All of her conditions were treated. She was also given a combination of coumidin and lovenox to prevent clots. She began to show immediate improvement and her condition was upgraded from critical to stable. She was also preparing for rehab. She entered the hospital late on a Monday night, spent the week improving. By the following Sunday she began to become restless and disoriented. By Monday, instead going to rehab, she was readmitted to ICU with internal bleeding. She developed abdominal compartment syndrome. Even though she was given clotting factor, vit. k / platelets/transfusion, her kidneys failed and she died.
I have so many questions I don't know where to start. Was this avoidable? I noticed everywhere she received injections whether insulin or IV's she had huge hematomas. Was the blood thinner cocktail too much?My mom never took meds and I think between all of her meds it was too much. She was severely over weight, relied heavily on homeopathics, didn't watch her diet, bad high blood pressure. please respond