like the title says my dr. started me on suboxone yesterday and i really started thismorning and its not fully working. my legs still hurt still getting hot flashes and bursting into a sweat and my stomic is still upset a little, the only bad thing is the worst part about my withdrawl, and its sat. and no dr.s are in thay never gave me a number to call to talk to anyone what should i do take more? so far im 7hrs into my first dose and still having mild-moderit leg pain and the few other things i was saying... can somone please help im about to abandon the program already and start useing again tonight to take the pain away untill monday but as thay said thay will pi$$ test me and if im + i get kicked out of the program but i really wanna stop but with no help i cant do it... and sorry if this is a big run on im just really flustered about all this... please help