... mellow out, not for depression. I thought it was a wonder drug. My mood was always great. Things just didn't seem important enough to squabble about. My husband and I just stopped fighting. Fast forward two years, my pace at work was slowing to the point I got called on the carpet for it so I figured it had to be the Lexapro. I got myself off of it, and within days my mood not only changed but I found myself almost nasty to my husband. Nothing good to say to him. I'm wondering if the Lexapro was masking my real personality and feelings? After being off it 2 weeks now I have decided to try a half tablet, 5 mg and see if I lighten up a little. I did discover that the Lexapro was keeping me on a steady even keel at work therefore slowing my pace, mentally as well as walking and being productive. Does anyone have any similiar circumstances using Lexapro?