My dr. prescribed Lexapro about 5 yrs ago for depression/anxiety. It seemed to work wonders for the first couple of years. But then it stopped working (maybe psychological), so i stopped it COLD TURKEY. Stupid thing to do!! After about 3 weeks, the withdrawal symptoms were horrifying, especially the brain zapping!! Then i read that it was NOT good to go cold turkey but at that point it was too late. Even felt suicidal. After about 6 mos, the relapsing of depression/anxiety had not only returned, it came back with a vengeance!! Dr gave me Cymbalta and after 1 pill, i thought i was going to die. The side effects were dehabilitating. I was tempted to call 911. Took about 3 days to get out of my system. Never took it again. I started having such sever panic attacks that i started taking Xanax (smallest dose .25) but after a month, i've increased to .50. It works for the anxiety but i feel sedated.. not sleepy, just lacking any motivation to do anything. I'm on ambien as well at night to help me sleep (5 yrs now.) I want to get off EVERYTHING. How can i wean off the xanax? or should i switch back to Lexapro? i hate my dr! He doesn't seem to answer my questions or solve my problems. I walk out of his office with MORE questions that i had walking in..
I guess i didn't appreciate the lexapro and should've just increased the dosage, rather than stopping it cold turkey. That's where the problems worsened. Now that i'm on Xanax, can i go back to lexapro? would it work?