I really am so angry scared of all the things the doctors are giving me,, i don't hate dr's, it just seems like some of them just don't care they just want to put you on a script and send you on your way... I am so tired of crying about this now he wants to put me on a patch for pain Fanatyl and it scares me cause you can never be off of it, you can't take a hot bath, you can't sunbath or soak in a hot tub which relaxes my back pain and I have heard from one lady that after so many years her doctor ignors her when she instists she wants to get off of them... its like he turns and walks away..I really feel bad for her... does any one know anything about this patch? I was suppose to start it today but am going to delay it for now..my choice till I review it more... thanks to all who cares sincerly Sandi