I was addicticted to lortabs for 3 yrs. I tried to quit cold turkey several times, but I just couldn't succeed. I finally checked into a methadone clinic in July of 2007. It has kept me away from opiates. I have been going thru some health, financial, and family problems in the past yr and a half that has caused me great depressions. Luckily I have a very supportive hubby. Sometimes I get so down in dumps i buy xanax or valium off street. My dr. Prescribed me celexa back in April, and its ok but I can't sleep. I am on 40mg celexa, 75mg methadone, and dr. just started me on zolpidem tartrate 10 mg. Most of the time when i take it I sleep wonderfully, but when I wake up I am really shaky and nervous. I have weird dreams and sometimes can't tell what's a dream and whats reality. The only couple times I did not feel like that after taking it is the couple times I took a xanax with it. I have taken it 2 wks now. Any suggestions? Thx.