After 3 years with my doctor (with whom I had to sign a contract with before he would see me) told me by phone when I got home from my appt. (same day) he would no longer see pain patients anymore. During my appt. that same day we scheduled my next 3 visits (appts) thru december. I do not understand. Today his website still spouts pain management thru his office? Are there no responsibilities on his end towards me? I only ask since after 3 years and 1 move, I am not sure of where my copy of the contract I signed is. I am desparate since i am on medicare, and there are few drs in this field that take medicare. Does anyone have any experience with these contracts that may be able to offer any adviced? Can any one help me? Coincedintally, that day I had asked him about a new medication that was out, he threw his arms up and walked out. I was told to go out front and wait for my scripts. I did state that I did not appriciate that he just walked out on me and would not discuss the possibility of new options. He talks about the amount of meds I take, and voluntarily over the years, I have reduced my meds without solicitation, but I take twenty pills a day, and hoped to maybe decrease that if a NEW med might work better. I dont think I had overstepped my bounds, I only hoped to discuss it. He came out and told me he was aware of the med and prescribes it to no-one. I said thank you for talking with me, and left. I got the call three hrs later.