the amount of suboxone I will need does not necessarily correlate to the amount of oxycontin I was using. She said it has to do with the number of mu-receptors my brain has created, but doesn't my body make more of those receptors with the more opioids I used? Today was my first day on suboxone. She told me it's pretty much up to me as to how much I feel I need. She gave me 2mg when I got to her office just to see that I don't have a bad reaction to it, then she wrote me a prescription for 30 of them on the first day! She told me to take half of one of the 8mg pills as soon as a filled the script, then another half later that night (so 10mg today). Then she wants me to take a half three times a day tomorrow and then the day after that she wants me to take a whole 8mg pill twice a day. I was using 80mg of oxycontin a day at my worse and have only been using an 80 twice a week for the past month or so. Do you still think I should be taking this much? She is a christian doctor with good morals so I don't think she would give me this much if I didn't need it, I just haven't heard of people using as little as me using 16mg a day. Please help people I'm all alone going through this!