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My doctor says that tramadol isnt a narcotic. is it?

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ARTIST658 14 Apr 2011

There's dispute among some medical professionals whether or not tramadol is "technically" a narcotic, and even this site refers to it as "narcotic-like." Regardless of what it's called, it is a highly addictive drug - that easily lends itself to physical and psychological dependency. I work in a treatment center for substance abuse, and I can not count how many folks I've helped through the horrendous detox off this drug. The withdrawal symptoms, once a person is dependent (and not even necessarily addicted) to this drug - are a nightmare. They are actually, many times, worse than so-called stronger narcotics. Be very wary of any doctor who thinks this drug is "safe" - as it certainly is not.

puckiemull 14 Apr 2011

Excuse my ignorance ARTIST658, but can i ask how or why people get addicted to tramadol? I have been prescribed it for pain but it has done nothing for me in any way? Does it give some a lift or relieve pain so much that they become dependant on it?Just curious as to how it works?Sorry if this qs sounds stupid!!

ARTIST658 15 Apr 2011

It affects different people differently, and as the dosage increases, naturally, the effects increase. Not only is a pain-reliever, but it gives many folks a bit of a "lift" psychologically, seemingly like an anti-depressant. Many are fooled by the "hype" that it's supposedly safe, and take it without serious caution. You may want to check out the threads on the forum about tramadol addiction and recovery

puckiemull 15 Apr 2011

Thanks Artist
Was just curious to know,info appreciated

cdieff 18 Apr 2011

Hello I am new to this group. Please be careful with tramadol. It's addictive capabilities have been compared with heroin. To me the withdrawls were comparable to losing a close family member. I was accidentally addicted to it, and it made me a full blown junkie. Im sorry to be so dramatic and frank. All I want to do is help people. I hate Tramadol,(for me) it's the devil. The bizzare thing is, I have been prescribed vicodin,percocets, and had no problem with them. Tramadol gave me a super human feeling of euphoria. Again, im sorry if I sound dramatic. I remain clean by litetally hating that drug. :)

ARTIST658 19 Apr 2011

Well said, cdieff - I'm glad you shared your story with this drug. From all I've seen, the withdrawal from tramadol is horrendous. Like you, I also engage in the "hating that drug" as an extra means of staying clean. I've trained myself to actually picture a "skull and crossbones" when I see a narcotic prescription bottle - it helps!

cdieff 19 Apr 2011

Thank you:) I was completely consumed bu a drug that I initially thought was safe(non narcotic). It was(and is) readily available on the internet. I had never experienced an addiction like that before, so I want to help people to never have to ho through what us unfortunates have. I had to come clean to my family so they would watch me, and keep me from ordering it online. I would have spent my bill money. A junkie. Im glad you hate it too:) I despise tramadol. My husband had it prescribed, had no affect on him. Myself though, it was better than vicodin, percocets, etc. A very nice woman on this site told me it affects your serotonin levels(and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety). Anti depressants always take so long to work. I just didn't want to be in a pit of despair. Then when you come off of tramadol your Center nervous system is haywire, I had a fever and felt like I was going to die. After 3-4 days when I was lucid, the deep deep depression sets in and the malaise. Never again will I go through that. One day at a time. Thank you again :) free discount card

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