My doctor put me on Tramadol HCL 50 MG about two years ago. His script is for 1 pill twice a day.

For the past two years I have taken one or two pills a day for a week or so then skip a few weeks and then back to taking the medication again. Sometimes I would just take the medication here and there, take it one day skip a few days and then take it again. I took my medication like that for two years and it never bothered me.

I started a job that requires heavy lifting back in August of 2010. Since I started this job I have been taking my medication every day and I'm now up to three pills a day (150 MG). Tremadol doe's not give me a high or make me feel good, it doe's take my pain away and it doe's a great job at doing that. Last week I skipped a day because I didn't think I needed it. The next day my shoulders started hurting, my legs got very restless, and I felt worn down. I was like this for the whole day. that night I took the Tramadol and within two hours the restless leg went away as well as the shoulder pain and the feeling of being worn down. I didn't think anything about this, I took my medication for another week and then I stopped again. The next day the feeling of being worn down with the restless leg was back. I took the tramadol and the worn down feeling went away within a few hours again, I think I may have a problem?

I don't want to tell my doctor because I really don't want this to end up in my medical file. If I do tell my doctor and ask him to keep this out of my medical file do you think he would comply or would he legally have to report it?

I do need this medication for pain but, I don't want to keep taking it if this is going to get worse. I know I'm dependent upon it and I'm afraid if what will happen if I keep taking it.

Any thoughts?