... script for Clonidine. Everyday, I feel a greater and greater urge to just completely be off ALL medication, but I don't wanna be rash, and take too many medications at once, in the process of quitting, SO, my question is should I only take the Clonidine at nighttime and only take suboxone in the morning? Or should I avoid taking the clonidine after taking Suboxone at all? Any help would be appreciated greatly. My doc is a good guy and all, but not exactly the easiest man to get a hold of when I have questions, so again, ANY help would be most appreciated... I just CAN"T WAIT to wake up in the morning, and get on with my day without ANY pills, period. Suboxone, methadone, Clonidine... I'm SOOO tired of it. I've got to start my detoxification of the suboxone and if this Clonidine is really beneficial for my withdrawals (I've been on Subs for a lil over a year and a half) I would love to take it. All I've read about it online though has got me kinda worried about starting it, but if any of y'all have any experience or knowledge of how this process is supposed to go, again, I would be SOO grateful. Thank you all for you're time. GodBless y'all. Seriously.