... from my mind always going a mile a minute worrying over even the littlest things. I can NEVER relax and just enjoy a peaceful moment with out my mind racing. She first give me the .5mg xanax and it did absolutely nothing. Then she up me to the 1mg and still felt like I didn't even take it. Maybe it's my size (5'11" 215lbs) with a very stressful job and life. So she then gave me the 2mg xanax to take each night. Is that too much of a dose to be taking every night? It worked wonders but is 2mgs a night before bed a large enough dose to become addicted to? I never take it in the day time as it makes me to drowsy just one 2mg pill once a day that's it. If anyone is also taking the 2mg xanax each night can you please let me know of your experience? I did take it the other night and I finally felt like I could just mellow out a bit before bed and get some much needed rest. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you for you time. Hope to hear from you soon