Hi all!

As you might have read my story, I have been trying diff meds since June 2010. I tried celexa for a month, after zoloft for two weeks, after weelbutrin for a week, after notrepyline for a week... FUNNY!! YES, they kept switching me every 2-4 weeks. I was put on Paxil 30 mg plus Seroquel 25mg fpr three months (but I didn't take Seroquel for so long). After my doctor stopped me from Paxil (hhaahhah cold turkey, but fortunately I didn't have withdr effects) he put me on desipramine 25mg for two weeks... uhhhhh what a terrible story. Okay, so here it is... I told him you know what... I don't think SSRI are for me... either do I want to try the older ones. So, I was put on the generic Effexor Xr Dec 1. I was doing so well, until I found out I was taking the generic version and switched to the brand name (my doctor told me to continue with brand name 225mg as I was on the generic). I started with the brand name three weeks ago and I was feeling terrible at the first week. I called and he told me it's the same drug so you shouldn't feel like this. Okay, I said let's wait. Yesterday, I had an appoin with him and He asked me if I was back to my old self. I told him I'm counting since I switched to the brand name --- three weeks--so how can I be back to myself. The conclusion--- according to him--- I have treatment-resistant depression and he might need to add tryptophan, or thyroid hormone (I don't suffer from tyroid), or wellbutrin or hopefully we are not going to need ECT... I'm terrified and I told him that I'm feeling a little better so why he is not encouraging me--- So is he "crazy" or am I that misunderstands things... How come a doctor does not encourage you---