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My doctor has just confirmed I have periphial neuropathy. Just it usually progress?

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Rajive Goel 11 Jun 2010

What is that you are trying to ask, I could help as I too have this problem, thanks

ronplenderleith 11 Jun 2010

Sorry please disregard the word "Just" it should have read DOES. I have the pain in my feet and legs

Rajive Goel 11 Jun 2010

Yes, please ask you doc to prescribe a good diuretic, peripheral neuropathy is also called edema, in simple words it is 'water retention' in the tissues, hope this helps & have been able to answer your question?

ronplenderleith 11 Jun 2010

Sorry Rajive I am afraid Periphial Neurophathy is nothing to do with water retention it is a wasting of the nerve ends.

roses2 11 Jun 2010

Hi Rajive... yes ,it is a progressive wasting of the nerves .I have it in my legs and feet, due to Sjogrens Syndrome.I used to take Neurontin..gained lots of weight... then I took Topamax..lost the weight! Now I just take pain meds and stay off my feet as much as possible.

ronplenderleith 11 Jun 2010

Hi Rajive, many thanks for your reply. I have been prescribed Neurontin. I hope I do not gain weight, but only time will tell.

Good luck to you and I hope you are able to control the pain.



Rajive Goel 12 Jun 2010

Thanks for the information, I think I need to take a second opinion and see a neurologist ASAP, thanks a lot for appraising me, keep well Ron.

eclif 26 Jun 2010

I have had PN for almost 40 years now, it started when I was in my 20's and has graduly gotten worse over the years, It damages the nerves and strips them of the coating on them, I have it in my feet,legs and hands. I have found that what helped the most for the nerve pain was Cymbalta 60mg. I also take Percocet for pain. I have a real bad back to go with it. Hope you find a good Doc that will use the treatments available for PN. It is kind of a long progress to find what works best for each individual. Good Luck. free discount card

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