With all the questions I asked last week in regards to dropping my dosage, I ended up staying at the same dose for one more week.

I did tell my doctor I wanted to drop. He would have, though, while he didn't discourage it, thought it better I stay on for another week.
I also had an appointment way on the other side of town and my time was extremely limited. I felt I didn't have time to go over all the pros and cons of dropping my dose, which is what my doctor wanted to discuss with me before writing out a script for less each day. My doctor told me he had seen too many patients trying to lower their doses too quickly only to relapse.
I was laughing to myself because of all the time I spent in my head about lowering my dose!
I'm not upset over this. Really, one more week on this dose is not going to make a difference in the big picture.

I also got TWO (2) take homes this week. I got for the weekend! I feel good about that, too. Funny, though, because when I mentioned I'd be getting two take homes, he said something about waiting a month before my take homes increased. I was sure he said with each passing week, as long as I stayed on the right path, the take home doses would increase one day each week, until I got a full week of take homes. That's the most I can get up here in Canada.

My appetite is still zip. I don't feel like eating. When I do eat, I'm not enjoying whatever it is I am eating. I don't know why this is happening. I did mention my appetite issue with him last week and he had nothing to say. When I told him I wasn't distressed or anything, so he followed my lead in that he didn't offer up any reasons why that should be happening.
I would have killed for this at many times in my life-not to have an appetite and be losing weight. I can't say I hate it, however, my face is looking kind of gaunt and some of the skin around my chin is getting a bit more 'jiggly'. That I'm not happy about. I think it is aging my appearance. I'll see if the weight continues to drop and then I will ask my doctor, with a more serious tone.
If someone else was writing this, and I was reading it, I'd think how lucky!
Well... I'm torn. I mean, yes, I do like being thin. I am afraid, though, with a history of anorexia/bulimia this could cross a line and really become yet another big problem!
To any of you out there who are struggling with weight, I hope you won't be offended. I'm just sharing what is going on with me these days.

This is the first chance I've had to get on the computer, let alone come and talk with my peeps. I was up @ 5:30 and out the door just after 7:00. I like taking my time in the morning!

Now, I'm going to my email to get caught up at what's been going on with all of you out there.

L8R, folks!