My parathyroid hormone is 74, the normal range is12-88. My doctor thinks it is too high to take Forteo. My vitamin d level used to be <7 and the parathyroid hormone was extremely high but because of huge levels of vitamin d supplements I have now gotten it up to 76 and the parathyroid hormone has come way down. I think it will be fine as soon as the vitamin d has been in a good range for awhile.

Also, my alkaline phosphatase is a little high, 133 and the standard range is 35-115 u/l. I don't understand what this is but my doctor is concerned that I shouldn't take Forteo until both of these components have reached average levels.

I don't see that this is a big deal and am wanting to go to another doctor but would like to know if this is a reason to be concerned and not take Forteo.