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My doctor changed med's. Is 1 milligram of xanax equal or better then 2 miligram's of ativan?

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Thor283 5 Jan 2012

It's different. I suppose Xanax is stronger. I feel Ativan is best to relieve anxiety and stay awake, and Xanax is best to relieve anxiety and go to sleep. But I'm talking about 1/2 mg of either. If you were taking 2 mg of Ativan and he switched you to 1 mg Xanax it will probably be about the same.

granny50 5 Jan 2012

the ativan quit working . I have a lot of anxiety and now it's so bad i can't stay alone or drive. Hopefully xanax and counceling will help. Thank you for answering me.

Thor283 5 Jan 2012

It will help. But I also believe counseling may be a must. Several years ago I was getting anxiety when I had to go out. I have a background in psychology but I couldn't figure out why. I can't afford counseling. But it is needed for this. Just don't expect a quick easy answer. It's also hard to separate how much is coming from emotions and how much is coming from a chemical imbalance in the brain. I will give you my opinion.(this is my opinion not facts) free discount card

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