... possible side effects, like the rash or the other scary side effects! I was told that I have major depression & although I agree, I am still afraid of the side effects of Lamictal. I heard that this drug is given to lots of people with severe depression or seizure prone people.

Have anyone been on Lamictal long term & can you tell me what experiences have you had? Is there something similiar to Lamictal that anyone knows of? I think that I am a semi-hypacondriac, so my fears run sorta deep when it comes 2 health issues. Basically, I just want to hear your experiences with Lamictal, long term & short term? If anyone knows of something that is similiar with less scary side effects, I want 2 know that also.

I saw those awful rashes online of people who were affected & it terrorizes me! What do u guys think & thanks for your responses! Bless u.