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My docter priscribed doxycycline, metrogyl, tinvista why I want to use all these?

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Inactive 25 Jul 2011

Dear Devi, I tried to look up tinvista and can't find it. It sounds like you either have an STD, A stomach infection such as diverticulitis or an oral/dental infection as the doxycycline metrogel combo treats those, but since you listed Metrogyl, I am guessing you mean Metro Gel and that is an intravaginal gel antibiotic/anti protozoanal that treats Bacterial Vaginosis, Trich and vaginal odor. The doxycycline often treats STD's and you can have more than one STD at the time. I am going to go ahead and say that you might want to expect a yeast infection too and either get some Diflucan tablets ( oral) or some Monistat to treat with as the combo of these 2 antibiotics will wipe out all the good bacteria along with the bad and the yeast will have nothing to control their overgrowth and you will then get a yeast infection. The tinvista, which I can't find, may treat the yeast infection that will likely occur. If you have any of the conditions i listed that these meds treat, you do need to take the medicines, all of the conditions they treat can leave your feeling miserable, so, take them and you will be well soon. free discount card

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