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My doc Started me on Seroquel XR, 200mgs a day. Is it ok to start ok 200 mgs?

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jude2008 16 Feb 2010

I am taking 800mg of Seroquel daily, split into 400mg morning and 400mg night. I am sure that I started on a dose lower than 200mg and gradually moved up to my present dose. I think that you should maybe check with your Doctor again and just ask if it is OK to start on 200mg. I think that Seroquel is a brilliant medication and it has helped me regain control of my life, but it is also a very powerful medication and should be treated with respect. I think you should start on a lower dose and then move up. Of course I am not a Doctor, and if you ever have any queries regarding meds, you should always speak to a qualified person. I hope you get all of this sorted out quickly.I know that when you stop taking Seroquel, you have to drop down slowly and I think it is the same when you start (only in reverse). As I said, I think that Seroquel has really helped me and I hope that it does the same for you.

Anonymous 26 Feb 2010

Wow that seems like a high dose I guess cause I only take 300 mg of Seroquel xr about 4-6 hours before bed and Lamictal 200 mg in the morning and 200 mg at night. Are you on any other medicine you take along with the Seroquel?

jude2008 26 Feb 2010

I also take 450mg of Effexoe xr daily

Psyched 16 Feb 2010

200 mgs is the lowest dose that the extended release (XR) tabs come in. I would like to advise you (in case you weren't aware) that Seroquel can cause really bad dry mouth so make sure you have water on hand as well as gum or hard candy. Also, Seroquel sometimes causes people to be constipated and/or experience urinary retention-if this happens, just increase your intake of bulk foods or fluids. Hope this helps.

Sideffects2 17 Feb 2010

Actually the lowest Seroquel XR is 50 then 150. You will be sleeping good anyway.

clm1970 17 Feb 2010

Yes, you can begin Seroquel XR 200mg daily, and it is not uncommon for psychiatrists just to start you out this way without titration upward. The lowest dose that Seroquel XR comes in is 50mg, and sometimes doc's, clinicians, will titrate you up to the higher dose. Just remember, take it with a full, protien meal around 6-630pm daily. Take with the meal to prevent gastric dumping, will minimize next day "hang-over" effects or feelings and take at 6-630pm as it takes about four hours for it to work, and this would be the average bedtime for most persons. Of course, none of this information is to supplant any information or directions given to you by your prescriber. Best regards, cindy.

Anonymous 14 Feb 2012

Hello Lesleigh. Yes it is ok. Beware that you'll likely be feeling sleepy, and a bit lathargic. If your prescribing physician recommened you take it during the evening or bedtime, thats the reason why. Best of wishes,pledge free discount card

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