I am a 71 year old woman. I have pain in my back and legs. I was in an accident in 1990 and fractured 2 vertebrae in my neck. It's healed now. And I have 3 degenerate disc in my lowerback. I have pain pills that work for me but the new doc seems to be overly concern with me not sleeping and gave me amitriptyline. What upsets me is I read all the dangerous side effect. I also have left ventrical hepertrophy of my heart. This new med talks about heart attack. He said it would help me sleep and feel better. I am afraid of anti depressants and I see that is what this pill is. I'm and not going to take it anymore. I got a good night sleep but I woke up feeling short of breath for a while and I feel sleeping. So what about me not taking the amitriptyline. Is it dangerous for me?