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My daughter wants to know a medication that will help mostly manic bipolar disorder?

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Delila 27 May 2011

Hi there are many people on this site that have bipolar so hopefully they will also respond to your question with their personal experiences...
I take seroquel and it is working very well for me. I would warn you though that some people can be very sensitive to this med. I was started on 200mg at night which definitely stabilised me but i was half asleep most of the time. My doctor reduced it to 150mg and i felt so much better. Sometimes a combination of medications works better than just one. I have bipolar 2, so suffer from more hypo's than hyper's. For this reason i take citalopram (celexa) and amitriptyline also. This combination works brilliantly for me. Obviously medications can work differently with different people but this is just my story. As i said hopefully you will get more responses...

LaurieShay 27 May 2011

Hey stepturner,

There are so many medication out there. I can recommend Lamictal and Abilify from personal experience. There is also Geodon and Saphris to add a few to what Delila shared. It really best to have her evaluated by a psychiatrist and let the specialist decide the best med as there are so many to choose from each with their own mode of action.

Best wishes,


kytteneyes 1 Jun 2011

I also reccommend abilify. It real did help me when I was at my worst. However do discuss with your prescribing doctor about any family histry of diabetes. I was not made aware of the side effect of increase sugar levels. Since it runs in my family and family doctor told me I was borderline after taking this I stopped the medication. I mean how can they expect me to deal with another medical issue when I can barely deal with this one. There are other side effects but can't remember them. You can research here on this website or ask for more information. I am sure others here know of some when they have taking this medication. It is all a trail abd error and medications work different for everyone. So you may still want to have daughter try for that sole reason. Hope this helps in some way. Keep me posted.

Inactive 27 May 2011

Hello Stepturner, as the last two answers stated, there are so many drugs to find the mix you need. Myself i prefer to be manic to a degree because i have spent most of my life un-diagnosed, living in mania. I too take seroquel, but only 50mgs at bedtime. This knocks me out and i can get 5hrs sleep, sleep i beleive is one of the key's to getting back on track. Also having that proper diet is another key, drinking 5 pint's of water per day, exercise, and heaps of love, without it bipolar is a destroyer of everything. Never give up, let your doctor become a trusting friend and tell him / her if your meds are working against you, they can't guess and they understand that each person needs different combination's of meds to get the right mix. Sorry to go on but i'm pasionate about people who have this illness and i try to give helpful advise as if it was for me. Good luck and try any avenue's to put this illness on the back burner. Go girl. Best wishes. Brewstercharli.

Inactive 27 May 2011

My husband has this diagnosis also and takes Zoloft 100mg a day & it has changed his life. Are you asking for an adult or a child? That makes a really big difference, & as stated by others, a physciatrist would be the best to answer this question...

jillmb 27 May 2011


Have you considered Trileptal or Geodon? Look these up & talk w/ your healthcare professional if you find the information relevant to what you need it for. Trileptal is an excellent mood stabilizer when used as an adjunctive medication.


smileyhappy 27 May 2011

Hi stepturner,
I know Lithium is used for bipolar.

Tonka8561 27 May 2011

Why isn't she consulting a psychiatrist (assuming here)? That is the person who (presumabley) knows about her particaular BP.
That said... DO NOT take an antidepressant with out a mood stabilizer, and add an anti-psychotic if she experiences anxiety or gets delusional/has hallucinations. As to reccommending pills - I am not qualified, especially since everyone's brain chemistry is unique to that person. What I take (and it is a lot) might not be beneficial for your daughter.
Finally - please do not get your psychmeds from a GP. They simply are not qualified to play at psychiatry, just coz they took a two-week seminar on the topic in med school.

stepturner 30 May 2011

She has an appointment with a psychiatrist but it's going to be two weeks before she sees them. She has tried many different medications during her lifetime. She is 40 years old, so I thought it might help to hear from others who have this problem to see what has worket for them. She is not psychotic - just very manic most of the time. Thank you for your input.

pickles503 18 Nov 2011

Hi. I've had a manic episode that lasted six months. I was homeless for six. I'm 62. This happened when I was 56. I was out of my mind. I was committed to the court for one year. I was in a psych ward for 6 weeks. I lived in a foster home, and I cried all the time because of the horrible conditions that I was living in. I got down on my hands and knees and asked God for help. I sat by my bed and cried. I had an " An Extreme Manic Episode." These medications seem like a miracle combination for me. Please understand I am not a Dr.. and these medications are what work well for me. Each person is different. What works well for one, may not be effective for someone else. I take four 1 mg Klonopin per day, Four 100 mg Lamotrigine per day. One Zolpidem at bedtime. I'm now taking four 300 mg of Gabapentin per day. The Gabapentin is for both, pain and an anti-depressant.

rizorhettie 1 May 2013

when you are manic you are not depressed.My son was taking ambilify which is for depression. and was acting manic for months. He was prescribed another medication for" Mania" . So if you are asking for just the manic medication I would say Seroquel. It is called the miracle pill in our house. A dose of seroquel calmed him down instantly free discount card

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