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My daughter is 6 and has adhd, how is medadate cd 10 mg?

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DzooBaby 1 Jul 2011

Do you mean methylphenedate? Methylphenedate is the generic form of Ritalin and others. The CD, CR and ER's are all long acting forms. My son used Methylin ER which was an 8hour formulation and the other son used Concerta which is a 12 hour formulation of methylphenedate. Methylphenedate is the classic drug of choice for ADHD and it works quite well if the child truly has ADHD. From what my psychiatrist told me, if your child truly has ADHD, you will see a difference within hours of the child taking the medication and she was right. As soon as I started dosing my kids, I saw a difference in their behaviors in hours and their grades shot way up within weeks of starting the drug. My youngest son was the worst with the ADHD. His behavior was so bad it was hard to take him anywhere. He was just like he ran on a motor-my little energizer bunny-he just kept going and going! If he was still a minute, he fell asleep! We went from having a conference with all the school officials about what we were going to do about his behavior to him being Student of the Month the next month so it does work! My older sons behavior wasnt bad, just his concentration, so I kept him off the meds on weekends and holidays from school. The younger son I had to keep him on it all the time until he was a teenager and his coping mechanisms were better, then I could take him off on weekends and over the summer. It does affect their appetite and they can lose weight on this medicine so that is why I keep them off it when I could. My younger son, that couldnt go off when he was younger, I used to give him high protein Ensure or Boost shakes as a bedtime snack to help keep his weight up. My oldest is twenty now and no longer takes the medication, my youngest is 16 and he still chooses to take his Concerta during the school year-his choice-he started the medication at age 7 and it was really the best thing I could have done for him! I held out because I didnt want to medicate my child but circumstances made me realize it was in his best interest and his behavior wasnt something he could help and no amount of behavior modification was going to make it better, and after we started the medicine, I wished I had started it sooner!! free discount card

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