i lived with an alcoholic an a very abusive man to me an my children for 20 years we have been apart now for about 6 months... i feel better... but 1 of my daughters,,, who swore she would never drink,,, has been drinking over a year... last november she had a wreck on the greater new orleans bridge... an got a D W I an now about 3 weeks ago she pulled out of someones driveway an hit a car... 2nd D W I i beg an beg her everyday to please stop drinking,,, she tells me to leave her alone,,, shes grown... what kind of help is there out there,,, i feel like if i dont do something soon i am going to loose my child. i no if any of my children died,,, that would be the end of me... i feel so useless i have bad panic attacks an i dont go out often... and i worry 24/7... does anyone know something i could do,,, i live in louisiana... i really dont no how to go about getting her help... so could someone please tell me if they no