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My daughter in law is 1.5 to 2 mts pregnant, how dangerous is it for her to take subutex?

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Inactive 4 May 2011

Subutex is what they do give instead of suboxone in this situation. I just read an article from on opiates and opiate replacements during pregnancy and it basically said that they are not sure why someone on a high dose of subutex has a baby who seems totally unaffected by the subutex use, but sometimes those on a low dose have a baby born in withdrawal. They really didn't know, but this issue should be discussed by you daughter in law with her subs doctor and her ob-gyn. I know you are concerned, but do consider that they are medically prepared to handle this important issue. No one in the article seemed to indicate that there were any type of problems other than withdrawal in some infants, there were no birth defects or other issues mentioned. It simply was saying that there was a much greater problem now with pregnancy on opiate replacements, and subutex seemed to be the least problematic. I wish I knew how to tell you to find this article, I am not that great on computer. The only thing I would encourage you to do is to make sure you tell her to tell her subs doctor about the pregnancy and her ob-gyn about the subs. Pattishan ps, Good Luck and God Bless you and your family free discount card

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