My daughter has had consistent UTIs in the past year and a half (she's 5). She was sent to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital for a VCU. She was sedated with nitrous oxide and had some sort of dye flushed through her kidney's and bladder through a catheter. Anyways, she was put on antibiotics for the next six months and the procedure will be repeated later. This morning she woke up complaining for about three hours this morning. I noticed her body and face was covered with red splotches and she began vomiting. We took her to the doctor and he said she may have been coming down with the flu, ate something weird, or may be having an allergic reaction. It was kind of an odd appointment, and I understand he is the professional, but I wasn't exactly satisfied with the outcome of the appointment. My daughter is 5 and has never vomited or had a reaction like she did on her body. My questions are: is there potential should could vomit due to a reaction? Can nitrous oxide prodce any side effects like this? Could this be a reaction from the dye or medication? Or could this really be a bad case of bad luck and she has the flu?