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My daughter has been on metadone treatment for opitaes and wants off the methadone would this work?

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Lin1973 15 Sep 2010

Yes, but withdrawal is bad and the chance to relapse is great. Ours quit the clinic and we stayed by her side 24/7 for two weeks while she lay in bed w/leg aches and cravings. When she was better and back to work, she went back w/her bad boy boyfriend, pot smoking, pill popping, no working loser. She was back on Xanax b/f anyone knew it. It took the next few months of his/her same behaviors when one day she looked in the mirror and wondered what she was doing w/her life. Somehow she managed to make it to her managerial job daily w/o trouble. Then one day she met a new man and it changed her life. Your daughter has to drop EVERY friend who does any drugs... marijauna or anything! The temptation to fall back into old patterns is too great. Now she HATES her old boyfriend of 3 years and blames him for introducing her to opiates. Granted she admits she continued to do it but was so addicted to drugs and him she couldn't stop. Will she remain drug free? Who knows. We hope and pray for the best. The new man in her life is antidrugs and active guy who works and likes to get out and do sports, etc. She's enjoying her refound good life. Hope this helps. Don't make excuses for her. If she goes back to whatever opiate she was on, don't give her any money or support her. It will create a real issue w/her druggy friends and they will be at odds with each other. Good luck to you and her. I hope she lives and thrives. How old is she, btw? Ours is now 27 and started her downward spiral at 25 when loser boyfriend gave her Xanax for severe cramps. That did it.

Inactive 16 Sep 2010

Try googling the Thomas recipe opiate withdrawal and read the journal Thomas wrote to go with this. It might help.

booter46 16 Sep 2010

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