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My daughter has 2 daughters and addicted to xanax and loritabs?

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Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Hi soylamartina, Are you quite sure that your daughter is addicted to these meds? Is she abusing the medications?
The more info you give us, the better we can help.

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

How are they getting a hold of them does your daughter take these medications? or are they being prescribed to them? if they are being prescribed to them your daughter needs to lock them up so her daughters have no access to the meds.

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Whoops, I think I misunderstood the question. Is your daughter taking the Lortabs and Xanax, or are your granddaughter's taking them?

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Granddaughters sweet.

midwestma 14 Jul 2010

You have me worried,
If your daughter is taking Xanax and Loritabs, how many pills is she taking each day and also, what is the strength of the medications do you know, does she appear sedated, sleeping a lot, I hope she isn't driving on these meds.. especially with two little ones. How old are her daughters may I ask, or what is the age of your daughter> Please let us know so someone can maybe guide you in the right direction my dear OK>> Bless You... we wait patiently for your return.,

Inactive 14 Jul 2010

Ok, i know this is going to be a long post but it MIGHT help you. If your daughter is PRESCRIBED these medications then she has every right to take them as long as she is taking them AS PRESCRIBED. I am not disrespecting you and totally understand the difference between abuse and usage, andi underatnd that you have every right to be suspicious of her actions. I have posted this before, but i think it may help here, i wrote this a bit ago to distinguish the difference between two very different states of mind: free discount card

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