... how to help him please.

Facts: Dad is in Fla, Dr is in Mich. Dad is not net savvy. he has been on oxy for 7 years for severe pain. (Contrary to popular belief, and media spin, patients who take Oxycontin are not ALL junkies,His dr said because it has been only 28 days(since there is 28 days in Feb) he cant have any more meds until 30 days. Plus he wont send the prescription except by regular mail, he wont let us pick it up overnight via fedex, He wont send it overnight mail. WTF?! so that puts in Fla not until friday. When we asked what do we do if he is in terrible pain without his meds DR said to take motrin! and if it is too bad take him to the hospital! WTF! I can hear him in the next room as i write this, in severe pain, i hope you never hear your parent like that, it is shattering. What are our options with this mich DR.? What by law can they do with oxy prescriptions.? I need some facts. What would you do if it was your dad? We are of course going to take him to the hospital if it gets worse. but what are the options with the Mich Dr and the prescription? Thanks!
UPDATE: His pain was so severe he has been rushed to the hospital and has been there overnight. I need to know what his rights are and how the prescribing process works legally in Mich or Fla. Is there a website? is there a chronic pain id card? As for the Dr, who wouldn’t send the script except by snail mail, I consider what he did thoughtless, cold, and actually cruel. I ask you, what ever happened to ” first do no harm”? Imagine your dad or mom having to go through unimaginable pain for days … i need the best info possible to make sure this never happens again. Thank you