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My dad started incivek this week, are there any lotions or creams to help w/ the rash?

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greyhog 6 Feb 2012

Christy - I have forunately not gotten the severe rash that some folks have. I did get a slight rash on my lower leg but the use of 1% hydrocortisone has done the trick for me. I also get small quarter sized red splotches at my interferon injection site each week. The 1% hydrocortisone lotion helps with that as well, although I also use lubiderm for sensitve skin lotion.
Oh by the way my leg rash did not show up until the end of week 6 I am now in week 9 and the rash is not an issue which I believe is due to the 1% hydrocortisone lotion.

christy_r91317 6 Feb 2012

Thanks so much, I'll pass it along :)

chanlon5 13 May 2013

Greyhound, thank you or the water calculation. I have been told water, water and even more water... but now I know to drink 100oz per day. I begin my triple therapy Tuesday am at 8:00am... yikes!


emberleigh 6 Feb 2012

I recommend checking with a pharmacist. They can tell you what is helpful, what is harmful, and also inform you as to whether or not that is a reaction to the medicine (or combo of meds) your dad is on.

christy_r91317 6 Feb 2012

Thanks a lot! :)

mhanna1202 12 Apr 2012

Mine has started getting bad, more like pox at week 6, OTC creams, witch hazel, lots of water, vitimin e cream, soaks in Epsom salts, anything to not go crazy with it, I also use eye drops all the time and bought hypo allergenic makeups and mascara, when its real icky I also use half a pain med, Prep h

Supportive wife 12 Feb 2013

My husband tried every cream and lotion, some helped for a day some for a week, but none took it away. What worked the best was calamine, and hydrocortisone cream. Good luck free discount card

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