My brother was operated, and has been taking diuladid and norcos 10 mg about 4 times a day so my dad and his doctor are concern, due to the amount of apap he has been consuming, and his tolerance that has been going up. I was just wondering what is something else he can try, thats going to help him through the pain besides these 2 drugs combined. Maybe something stronger where he doesnt have to consume that much acetaminophen? or something thats extended release? he has tried the fentanyl patch but he didnt like it, any advice so that my i could talk to his doctor about since my dad does not know how to speak english? He is currently taking about four 4 mg diuladids with about 4 norcos a day depending on the pain. i was just wondering if there is anything where he can just consume one pill and he would be good for about 6 to 8 hours, and maybe all day if possible with just one pills. thank you very much.