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My brother suffers from chronic psoriasis,which caused him rheumatoid,and no therapy answer,plz help

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Inactive 17 Jan 2010

There are a few types of psoriasis and one is associated with arthritis. My mom had 2 different types of psoriasis at the same time. There is a shot that is out now that helps and a dermatolgist would have that info, so would a pharmacist. Anyway, what seemed to help my mom was a b complex vitamin and getting in the sun or a tanning bed. Psoriasis is triggered by stress, illness and is aggravated by drinking alcohol. My mom had a problem with alcohol so hers got pretty bad, she hurt all the time and looked like she had leprosy. The b complex seemed to work pretty well for her, there was a visible difference in the lesions pretty quickly. Sunlight seems to help with vitamin d absorption and it is one of the few times a doctor will tell someone to get into the sun or a tanning be is when they have psoriasis. Your brother may need a rheumatologist as well as a dermatologist. If he drinks, and can cut back, it will help. free discount card

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