Ok my brother takes oxycontin 80mg three times a day. This is for chronic pain from a car accident years ago. Last month the doc says he has to cut him back because with out a class he can not prescribe more than 3 a day and his concern is his age being so young, that from the accident when he is a bit older he will probably have arthritis in his back. That my brother is on the highest dose and if he got the arthritis that he couldn't do more for him. So the doc took a whole 80mg away and gave my brother 40mg 4 times a day. As a result my bro was in so much pain that he missed 3 days of work. Its been almost 3 weeks now and he is still having a LOT of pain during certin times of the day. My brother is terrified because he is afraid the doc will bring him down yet again at the next appt and is afraid to tell the doctor or suggest anything because he doesn't want the doc to get mad and cut him off compleetly. Of course a lot of my bros fears come frm seeing me. I'm a recovering addict- the only one in my family. My bro lied to the doc when asked if there was any family history with addiction. My brother isn't showing any signs always takes meds as directed. But fears the doc will find out he lied when asked if anyone in family has probs with addiction. He came home that day saying what if he knows my sister had a drug problem and is testing me?! can anyone help him with what to say so he can help himself. My bro works 50 to 70 hours a week and with out medication he can't work at all. He doesn't want to go back up now after all he went through because if the doc is right he will need that extra in later life. But he does want to manage his pain. He wants to stay where he is at. The only thing on the 3 80s a day he didn't need BT meds but feels now he does being on 4 40s a day which is more pills to take and he hates that but wants to keep his doc happy at the same time. Anyone have any advice? What meds work for you? What works good for BT pain? What works good for BT pain with the oxycontin?