I have been with my boyfriend for eight months. When we met, he told me he was a recovering heroin addict and on methadone. He was only on 30ml, which is good (so he told me, and I'm sure it's true)... However, a couple months in I found out he was taking pills. Oxys and morphine pills. Next, I find out he is messing around with Fentynol patches, beginning with eatting them, then shooting them up. As you have guessed, within the eight months we have been together he has gone from a recovering addict to a full blown addict... in fact he has been high for 5 days straight!

So I told him to get out. I said I was willing to live with a recovering addict, not what he is doing now...

But I've said this before... numerous times. He keeps promising to quit (when he is high and sorry) and I keep sticking around.

Here is the kicker... he finally said he was done. He seemed so different this time and (maybe it's because I want it) but I truly beieved him. He had doctor's appointments, a clear plan, and what seemed to be sincere intent. But in the car tonight he started talking like opiates were "okay" again. And if he could just get back to the way it was before shooting them up... WE BOTH KNOW HE CAN'T! He has even addimitted that he tried to put a patch on to use properly (5 times) and couldn't... he had to take it off to shoot up!

He has done nothing yet... it has been 1 day. Do I act like everything is okay until he uses again? Do I just tell him I can't accept his opiate addiction and walk away?

My heart is breaking EVERYDAY! He doesn't feel anything. He is too numb to notice my broken heart, or even care. I cry everyday. I work so hard to help him with this addiction (litterally, 80% of my time is spent helping him) but I can't do it without him, or if he is teeter tootering. Help! Any advice?