My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now and I guess i was blindsided. He says he has been taking them off and on for a while but it got worse because he was taking them everyday straight for a month.We do not live together so I didnt see anything. He was borrowing money from me alot but he never stole from me. i finally started to get suspicious when he still borrowed money from me on my birthday to take me out but he said he would pay me back the next day. I finally stole his phone and found all the texts. He was willing to go to rehab but was in rehab for six days. He was convinced he was better and wanted to come home. He is staying with his mother right now. I have been trying to get him to go to meetings but he says they are not for him and he knows not to do them again. i finally set up and appointment to see someone and he never returned my calls when the time came. I am trying to make things work but I cant help but think he is using again. We are starting to fight more because he is smoking weed again. He says i am pressuring him.. what should i do??