The love of my life was in prison for major meth sales and usage for 5 years. When he got out, he started right in again with the drugs, this time, Roxy's. He spends so much money on these horrible pills. Our relationship is being affected and even though it hurts me he does it anyway. He use to work out all the time, now he looks thinner than ever and he never wants to eat or go to the gym. He blew me off when my best friend was visiting from out of town because he would rather have been high, by himself.. I invited him to go out to eat with us and he said eating is bad. He's been going on like this since June of 2009, almost 7 months, and it's getting worse and worse. He twitches in bed at night whether he's on it or not. This morning he confessed just how big his problem is. That's when I found out how much money he spends a week, and why it feels like we are not as close now as we use to be. He said he wants my help, but I am so clueless on what I can actually do besides just being there for him. He thinks I won't run away from him, but I do not want to date a drug addict. I'm scared. I don't want to loose him, and more importantly, I don't want him to loose himself. He's stronger than he thinks, I know he is. I don't understand why he takes these pills. I understand addiction, I smoke cigs and recovered from being an alcoholic.. But this is different. The withdrawls from Roxy's are ridiculous. Physical pain, sweating/chills, throwing up, twitching, loss of appetite/weight, personality changes, mood swings.. If people knew that this would happen would they do it anyway? I think he is smart enough to know better, but he's doing it anyway. What do I do? I'm afraid that he will just start lying to me about it if I set up ground rules. I have to stand my ground here because I am not going to waste my time with a roxy-moron. He is better than that, but his actions lately would say otherwise. What can I do? In what ways can I help him? What are some things that I can say to him to help? I would do anything to help him because I love him so much and I want everything that is best for him, but I am not an idiot, and I am too good to be getting dragged in to his drug addiction. I feel sick. Probably how he is going to feel for a while if he really stops taking the pills. How will I know if he really stops taking them? How will I know if he starts taking them again after a while? If he can't stop, then he is going to loose more than his ability to control himself, he's going to loose me. I wish I didn't feel so helpless. I wish there was something realistic that I can do to help. I don't think he needs to transfer his addiction to something else but I could be wrong. I think the best thing I can do is stay with him while he goes through withdrawls, rub his back, tell him that he's doing good, offer him a life style change, but what if that is not enough? Somebody must have gone through this before. Please, anything that anybody has to say would offer me some peace of mind since I promised that I wouldn't tell anybody, so this is my only way to reach out and get him some help.