My boyfriend has been addicted to pain pills for quite some time now, probably three years or more. I did not know about it for a long time until it came out in the open some way or another. He mainly takes lortabs and percocets from what I know. He wants to quit and has tried quitting a few times. Each time he has tried quitting it has been cold turkey and he ended up relapsing. He did try Suboxone one time for a few days and he ran out and relapsed again. He now feels that if he goes and stays with someone for a month or so that will help him because he will be away from the people he can get them from. Is this the right way to do it? Should he try and eliminate the people he gets them from in all ways? Changing his number? I want to help him in any way possible. I know when he has withdraws he says it is the worst thing ever and I think the pain he feels from the withdraws makes him relapse. I am willing to be here for him through it all, as I've read through some posts on here it is not an easy process. Any suggestions how I can help him? It's not easy and can be hard for me as well, he's a great person and I think life would be much better without them.