I really need some help PLEASE! I've been dating this guy for over two years. He proposed to me a year ago and everything was great. Then two weeks ago I decided to surprise him and walk home, but the surprise was for me. He saw me coming so he went down to greet me but when I saw him, he was all blue and stuff. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. But then he fainted. We called 911 and in the hospital I found out that he had an overdose. He was overdosed of Heroin. My world was destroyed. I've never noticed that he was doing drugs but that night at the hospital his dad decided to come clean to me and tell me that he was doing drugs all along. I couldnt tolerate that so I broke up with him. I really love him so I told him that if he seeks for help I would give him a second chance but I dont know anymore. He cries and begs everyday to be together but I dont know if I can. Why? Because the last time I saw him he was high. I knew he was high, I told him he was but he would deny it. I dont know what to do! And then his mom calls me to tell me not to leave him. That he needs me. I dont know what to believe. He told me he was gonna change but I dont know if I want to believe him or not. Can you believe a drug addict? I'm gonna miss him too, but is it fair for me? I feel like if I forever leave I'm being selfish but then at the same time I'm in school and I dont wanna spend my life with somebody that wont change, or will he?
I really need your help.. What do you think? Should I move on and leave this chapter behind, or should I not be so selfish and help him even more than what I've done before?
Am I being selfish for leaving??
Please help me!! Please :(