I know that heroin is shot in veins and i've heard of skin popping although it's not common. He used to be on oxy's, then sniffing heroin, now I think he's injecting but i'm not sure. I've never found anything. When he sleeps over he takes a long time in the bathroom but I don't see him take a belt, water, or needles with him. His eyes are red most of the time and usually tired. He visits almost everyday and when he wears shorts I can see little scabs, needle looking marks, small bruising, and some long marks. Im soo tired of everything. I ask him and he denies everything. I've been with him for a long time but I feel lonely and frustrated. He never has money and he is never in "the mood". He is only 32 and he is like an old man. We used to have sex every day before heroin now it's once a month and boring.
What should I look for, ask him or do?? He works in construction as a laborer so he say's the marks are from work.
Thanks ahead for any input.