... was taking 30 mgs twice a day & is now weaning off cuz he hates the stuff. He is now taking 20 mgs twice a day. He went to his pain management guy & told him he wanted to wean off so he is putting him on Norco. He has noticed that since he has went down to the 20 mgs he has been having significant stomach problems & I also believe he is having panic attacks cuz he has a hard time breathing with tightness in his chest. I have panic attacks so I'm familiar with the symptoms. Does anyone have tips on what he can do for the stomach issues and panic issue. I have Xanax which I don't use but don't want him to take those cuz I dont know what the side effects would be for that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to be as helpful & supportive as I can be to him. Thank you