... oxycodone but then heavily got back into it for the bulk of our relationship. He was doing 15-20 a day but toward the end he was getting really bad. He went to a 5 day detox and came out with seroquel but no other medications thinking he could manage by himself. that did not work so he got suboxine to help him not feel the pain from withdrawal. My girlfriend told me that her bf who had a similar experience was on suboxine and he was slowly getting off of them and his doctor said it could take a year. I have just recently noticed that i no longer see my boyfriend speaking about or taking his suboxine he claims that he only needs them every two days and he basically does not need them anymore. I was wondering what the facts are about this? My girlfriends bf said that it is possible to abuse suboxine use and you can take oxycodones on them if you wait a certain period of time. I do not know if i even understood the information correctly. Is there any insight to my problem?