I've recently heard from a half-way reliable source that my boyfriend has been taking pain pills. I've heard that it was Roxi and I pretty much know absolutely nothing about pain pills. He doesn't seem to act strange around me but i don't know the side effects of them. I'd rather not come right out and ask him about it and cause a huge argument if I have no proof. Is there anyway I can see or tell if he is taking them? The only thing i know about them is they're around $20 a piece and most people snort them. That's only from what I've heard so far. He has admitted to me without questioning that he has taken some before because he does have back issues but now I don't know if it's really serious or not. I don't want to invest my time in something that is going to be to hard on me trying to stay with him and help if it's not going to do any good. Any answers would be extremely helpful! :)