(Please realize i am writing this for my BF) My bf and i have had a lot of sex the past two days or 3 days... but yesterday after walking me home, he went to urinate, and was in the bathroom for a long time... when he came into the kitchen, he was very pale and said that after urinating, he had a sharp pain in his penis, but didnt really say where in it. He was also bleeding from the head of his penis, it was seeping out like a cut. Before this, he said his right testicle was burning a little, but i though it was from using a new kind of lubricant.. He felt faint, and i had to help him to a cab to go home. Does anyone have any ideas for something that may have caused this? My BF is 18 years old, and has been sexually active since April of last year. Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful. Thank you