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My bf after 7yrs of taking methadone is 6wks clean, seems he is having it harder now than at start?

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Inactive 1 Aug 2010

Methadone has been known to be harder to kick than suboxone i would suggest to see if he could get on suboxone then ease his way off that medication see what works. There is an article on suboxone vs. methadone i think you would be interested in at Please when you get a chance to go over it i think its in the library section of let me know what you think. Sure do hope this was helpful michelle.

Inactive 1 Aug 2010

Is he going to any type of counseling or group counseling? Many people also get depressed after stopping opiates. I know they never warn anyone of that and it happened to me, luckily the counselor caught it and recommended seeing the doctor and it did help. When one is on pain meds, they can easily block out the personal issues that may have helped cause the addiction, and those should be handled if one wants to stay off the pain medicine. I wasn't sure what exactly you were talking about when you say he is having a hard time now that he is off methadone. He also may be feeling alot of guilt. Life doesn't always quickly go back to how it was before the addiction and the treatment, most are affected mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. A therapist who specializes in addiction should be able to evaluate this situation and help get him going in a better direction. I hope he will be open to seeing an addiction therapist to see why he doesn't feel better.

floralisa67n 1 Aug 2010

he hadnt worked in 3yrs because of back injury, got a good job, and decided to go cold turkey, didnt tell me till 3wks after he quit, but i know he isnt seeing counselor as of yet.

Inactive 1 Aug 2010

It is pretty normal for him to act this way, even the isolation. It doesn't mean that it shouldn't be watched though, I am not sure if you will have more persuasion, or his parents. Behavior like this is why they suggest therapy and the therapists are usually really good at helping a addict move forward. They know what questions to ask and what advice to give. Being busy does take one's mind off all the worry one has when they stop an addiction. I know most family and loved ones do NOT know what to do to help although they desperately want to. AL ANON is for the family and loved ones who are addicted or alcoholics, and this group will help support you and you may learn techniques to help you live around him. There are branches and meetings all over the place and they only ask for a small donation of a $1 per meeting to cover the costs of coffee, paper, etc. I found it to be a great comfort and alot of help.

lindagail1965 2 Aug 2010

before i found this site i had never even heard of suboxone... but i see it alot on here so it must be good for withdrawells ... the only thing i know about witdrawells ... (i have them when i have to find a new doctor ,,mostly)... is a valium xanax or clonopin makes things a little bit easier ... for me anyways.i still have the systems of withdrawells ... but the nerve meds just make it easier mentally i guess... good luck to you an GOD be with you in this difficult time... linda

Inactive 6 Aug 2010

floralisa, Methadone is not like anything else withdrawal wise. It's like a roller coaster. A heroin kick is pretty much a 3 day thing, but methadone sticks to your receptors big time. I had w/ds every 5 days for about 2 months so I decided to go with the suboxone. Except for a few minor discomforts, I finally feel I've got this licked. He should also be taking vitamins,eating and drinking fluids and exercize. It's a long haul but he should be feeling better very shortly. Be strong, Be well Julie free discount card

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