I have known my best friend for a very long time and we are extremely close. she has had drug problems in the past but has came through her addiction to heroine but in the past 7 years she abuses xanax and has suffered a few seizures. the last seizure she had, the doctor told her the next one would probably kill her. She was taking her xanax correctly for a little while but has since been abusing them again, she eats them like tic tacs. She is taking bars and her anxiety is through the roof. she is talking about suicide quite a bit lately and I am scared to death. Her family has pretty much had it, but I don't want to see her die. She was at my house the other night and stole my sisters prescribed xanax when she was in the shower. I am beside myself. I am extremely afraid to confront her. It is a big mess. on top of her addictions she is also bi-polar with schizoid tendencies. She also drinks so very much. She has lost her job and is in complete denial. she says all she needs to do is find a job. she was fired from her last 2 jobs (bartending) drinking while working. No one in her family really cares anymore, because they have their own problems and have tried to help her many times. I feel like if I don't at least try to be tough, I may lose her.