couple of months here, but I'm afraid I'm not the one doing the recent activity. I've only done a couple in the past three months or so, and one was last week to a post that was done a couple of years ago. After I had clicked on it I realized how old it was! No, my first couple of months here, I'd say December - February 2011, I did give them. I figured "thumbs down" was for times when I didn't agree on an answer, to the point I was concerned that the person posting the question might take it seriously and be hurt or injured. Also, I did them when the poster forgot what question they were answering, or suggested a medication that the person specifically mentioned they could not have - after all, the question is right there to look at for a reminder.

As far as "thumbs down" goes, there is NO guidance here whatsoever as to when it is appropriate to give one - or guidance for doing anything for that matter. I realized after a few months that it was not cool to do a "thumbs down" - so I haven't. Like I said, only a couple in about the last three months. I'm very sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by giving them - it was not my intent at all. I felt was giving them for the benefit of the person asking the question. And I am very sorry for my recent comment to Rajive that has gotten so many people upset. It pertained to one of my pet peeves, and since it was my question I thought I could comment on it. I now see that I should not have done so as it was hurtful, and I'm not here to hurt anyone.

As a suggestion: If you don't want people using "thumbs-down" except for the most serious grievances, it would help to state that somewhere. I believe I've been judged for quite some time for my giving them and if there had been any guidance posted here to well, guide me, I wouldn't have given them.

I've had a hard time fitting in here and feel it's time for me to be moving on to find a support group that is, well, more supportive. I thank Laurie very much for welcoming me here and reaching out in friendship. My best to you all - ElizaJane