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My 9 yr old son takes abilify, intuniv and now the dr. added imipramine, should he be on all 3 meds?

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jk13 3 Mar 2011

These meds seem a bit much to me... Abilify is a pretty potent drug, and Imipramine is a TCA (TCA's are known to cause problems with the heart, and is important that a EKG is conducted to make sure that your son isn't at risk), and Intuniv seems to be some sort of blood pressure medicine with a series of nasty side effects. This really seems like its a bit much, especially when a 9 yr old brain isn't fully developed, and taking the severe side effects into consideration. Often, children respond best to therapy, and is one of the best choices, although I don't know what he suffers from... seems like something on the lines of PTSD and or maybe ADHD, but I might be wrong, just a guess. Anyways, if you haven't tried therapy, I'd really encourage for you to give it a try, and maybe drop some of the meds, depending of course on the situation that is not mentioned.

vincent1905 3 Mar 2011

I think if it was my child I would get another opinion and do some research on the whole thing. That is a lot medication for a child. I would see what therapy would do to get to the source of his problems. I started going for therapy and it has helped me alot. With a good doctor it can do wonders. Maybe that and less medication would help. Good luck

caringsonbj 3 Mar 2011

Hey Jeff, sorry to interrupt but I have a cousin who is 12 she is also on this drug (the one I don't know much about thats a Blood Pressure medication, what's up with that?) she is on straterra and the one for BP yet her Bp is normal, from what I have read you have to monitor BP to make sure it does not drop pressure too low;

sorry but thanks,

jk13 3 Mar 2011

No such thing as interrupting :) You're right, that's one of the side effects - and apparently it's also good for adhd, while at the same time not being a stimulant. I personally take Minipress, an alpha blocker intended to also keep your blood pressure down, but for me, it works great for ptsd by blocking the norepinephrine that will aggravate the heart. It happens that by blocking this, it also blocks flashbacks and the physical response that occur with ptsd. So I also have to be careful of my blood pressure getting too low.
thanks for the additional input!
Jeff K

Inactive 3 Mar 2011

hi, I don't know the other drugs but abilify I take and its one of those drugs I sware FDA warning... NO ONE under the age 18 is suppose to take it. And yes it sounds a it much to me also. I'd consult another psycisian. Please call your pharmacist on the morning hrs, ok. Sometimes they can help you more than doctors w medicine.

jk13 3 Mar 2011

I would agree, that one out of them all would have me the most worried...

LaurieShay 3 Mar 2011

Hey ronaldw157,

I ran the medicines through the interaction checker and encourage you to do the same. Just click on it up in the blue tool bar, click I agree, and then add his meds. Read about the interactions and management of the interactions paying particular attention to what to watch for as far as symptoms of interactions between the meds.

I agree whole heartedly with the other posts. If it was my child I would have him in therapy and be seeking a second opinion with a psychiatrist that specializes in adolescents. My psychiatrist does specialize in adolescents and addictions and he is extremely knowledgeable about meds. He believes in as few meds as possible.

To find a doctor you can google "adolescent psychiatrist" or google "find a doctor" and plug in the specialty and your zipcode and it will give you a list of doctors in your area.

I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted on how he does,


eleng 3 Mar 2011

Laurie, can you explain please how this interaction checker works exactly? I tried to put Effexor Xr and SEroquel, or with Wellbutrin and it shows nothing.


LaurieShay 3 Mar 2011

Would you like me to do it for you? I would be happy to. I will put these three meds in and get back to you in private chat, that way if you have any questions you can ask me, ok?

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