She was admitted for a bladder infection and dehydration. She has no other health problems. Aside from some disorientaion which we believed to be from the bladder infection which had been going on for maybe 8 weeks. She slept for almost two days and when she awoke she was still non responsive, had was incontinent and was having trouble vocalilizing. She later stated her toungue felt swollen. She was also having trouble swallowing. An EEG was done within days and seizure activity was noted. Could Haldol have caused this? Around 5 days later she was finally speaking again and was able to sit in a chair for short periods at time. She was placed on Keppra which appeared to stop the seizures and she was placed back on her HTN meds. She went to rehab but because she didnt take her Keppra for 4 days (wasnt swallowing) seizure activity resumed. She was returned to the hospital and has been almost catatonic the entire time. A feeding tube was placed. MRI, EEG, Lumbar puncture and CT Scan have found no other cause. Possible Prions?