We found out he was having siezures over memorial day weekend. After multipule cat scans, EEG's, and the like he was put on depakote. He had been taking concerta for ADHD. He's still taking it with the depakote, but it's being wained down. He's down to 36mg of concerta. He takes the depakote in the morning and at night 500mg each time. Just last week, before his concerta was took down, he started pushing, punching, and cursing at other kids and his teachers. He does know better than to do these things. He doesn't act that way at home. I believe the depakote has something to do with his behaviour, but have no idea if thats true or not... We could really use some good direction and quickly. I want the best for him and this is extremely frustrating because i don't know what to do... the doctor claims he's fine and everything's going as it needs to, but i don't think everything is fine... thank you.